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A Temple


A Temple is a concentrated divine space of god

A temple, a:layam is composed of Aa (means ‘completely’) and layam (means ‘bring/draw together’). A:layam is where God’s all-pervasive presence is drawn fully into one concentrated space and is accessible as the prime deity in the temple.

Is it possible to draw powerful energy into one designated space?

Take a look at the magnifying glass. The convex lens in the glass focusses the beam of heat rays from the Sun at one single point causing a flammable object to ignite / set fire. This process is also used in igniting fire of an agni hotram (in the sacred fire ritual).
The principle here is that a powerful source of energy is focused on a chosen point to convert it into a format suitable to serve a purpose.

Just like the sunrays that spread across the globe, God exists as the single most supreme divine all-pervasive (everywhere) form supporting the entire existence from within and around.

Yaccha kinchith jagath sarvam, drishyathe: sru:yathe: pi va:,

Anthar bahischa tath sarvam, vya:pya Na:ra:yana sthitah

– Narayana Anuva:kam

Just like the sun rays served the purpose of igniting the firewood, the all-pervasive supreme power God, out of compassion, serves the purpose of making Himself accessible to you. It is up to the seeker to trust in the supreme power vested in a temple  as the prime deity (archa: mu:rthi or archa: vigraham). A devotee, therefore, feels protected and at peace in a temple.

In fact, God exists within every single being (you, I, and everything). But, we identify everything and everyone by their name and their qualities. This blocks one from recognizing the underlying supreme power, God dwelling (as antarya:mi) within every being.

Only true acharyas or God can support a society/individual by imparting such wisdom. Such wisdom can immunize one’s core making one capable of handling any difficult situation. Any other support system does not delve to the core.

(Therefore, in difficult situations like today with covid-19, one must not be denied of worshipping God in a temple, while observing the prescribed norms such as the distancing and face-masks.)

Significance of special prayers to Sun

One worships the supreme power, God as Surya Narayana vested majestically in the Sun. The prayers are aimed at offering gratitude to the indwelling power, God supporting the Sun perform his duty of giving us energy through light and heat. His immense power has the ability to keep one hale and healthy, a:ro:gyam bha:skara:d ichche:th…

Dhye:yas sada: savitru mandala madhyavarthi:

Na:ra:yana: sarasija: sanasannivishtaha

Ke:yu:rava:n makara kundalava:n kiri:ti ha:ri

Hiranmaya vapur dhrutha sankha chakraha

One can worship Sri Surya Narayana in two temples today, Sri Surya Narayana temple in Golla Mamidada, Godavari district, and Sri Surya Narayana temple in Arasavalli, Srikakulam district. Let’s trust in the temple system, take part in maintaining the sanctity, learn the historic significance of each temple, and stay blessed.

Sri Suryanarayana Temple
Arasavelli, Srikakulam District
01st October 2020

Source: https://chinnajeeyar.org/a-temple-is-a-concentrated-divine-space-of-god/

A Temple

Concentrated Divine Space of God

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