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Ashtakshari Mantra


Ashtakshari Mantra and its role in your life

Ashta:kshari Mantra reveals the beautiful ever-lasting bond between you and the supreme power, God. Even if you realized this truth from a guru through the mantra or not, the bond existed and will continue to exist forever.

There are several mantras. Each one describes a unique quality of that supreme power, God These divine qualities are countless, just like the number of stars in the universe. Let’s take for example the mantra, “Sri Ra:ma:ya Namaha”. This describes Sri Rama’s exquisite beauty and how it is extremely captivating and pleasing to everyone. “Sri Pundari:ka:ksha:ya Namaha” describes the lotus petal-shaped, wide eyes of God.

Like this, Sri Bhi:shma:cha:rya sung 1000 such qualities of God known as Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam. It does not mean that Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam completely described all the qualities of God. It simply means that Sri Bhi:shma:cha:rya selectively revealed this many qualities describing God via this many mantras.

Anantha:vai bhagava:n mantra:ha

There is no upper bound to the number of qualities or the number of mantras describing God.

If mantras are innumerable, how can I learn them all?

Sri Prahla:da meditated a mantra given by his Guru, Narada Maharshi. It is Ashta:kshari Maha:mantra, the 8 lettered Na:ra:yana mantra. Also known as “Mantra Bramha”, the greatest of mantras.

Sarvam ashta:kshara:ntastham

“The entire existence is encompassed within Ashta:kshari Maha:mantra”, said the rushis and munis. Alwars (the ones who realised and actualised God) also sang the greatness of this mantra.

Ashta:kshari Maha:mantra is also known called Mantra rajam (king of all mantras). It is celebrated throughout Vedic culture, texts, and history as the most potent means to end suffering. It was so mercifully shared with the world by Sri Ramanujacharya to end the suffering of others. Ashta:kshari is the seed of all mantras.

A seed of a tree includes within it thousands of parts like branches, leaves, fruits, and many other seeds. Similarly, this mantra is the seed mantra of all mantras able to grant all kinds of amazing benefits to the world when chanted with complete faith. Prahla:da was able to fall from a cliff, survive fire, emerging from an ocean, and even able to drink poison without troubles due to the strength of this mantra.

The complete trust Prahla:da had in this mantra brought God Himself in the form of Sri Narasimha avatar. He trusted in God so much that God was with him throughout his life giving him strength to cross all kinds of hurdles. That is the role that mantras play in peoples’ lives whom have faith.

Does it eliminate the coronavirus?

We cannot ask for the elimination of anything. Everything belongs to the universal existence. The appropriate desire is to seek protection from God from any upcoming hurdle (virus or any other hurdle) in the journey of life, devoted to Him carrying out righteous activities responsibly.

The abuse of chemicals during crop-production, disrupting the natural course of animals for material gains, or the misuse and overuse of natural resources to benefit greedy lifestyles, eating habits must be reformed. Until then, we will continue to see the effect in the form of all such viruses. Everyone has played a part in contributing to those ill-practices and the impact of it is affecting the world currently in the form of COVID-19.

Let’s take an oath that we change our conduct and act more responsibly. Hopefully, God will protect us all.

A 40-day Ashtakshari Mahamantra Havan

For the sake of all those who want to live responsibly, and spend life devoted to and in service of God, a divine prayer program has begun and is the 7th day today. As described in agama scriptures, this 40 day Ashta:kshari Maha:mantra japam is being carried out in a specific procedure that involves lakhs of mantra japam in meditation, while making offerings and prayers to God through the fire devatha, and flowers to God residing the form Deity.

How does God protect us when the mantra is chanted?

As soon as God makes a sankalpam, a divine decision to relieve us from ill-health due to the impact of our sins, His prime instrument, weapon, and ornament, Sri Sudarsana takes action. Thus, the Sri Sudarshana Homam also is being performed in gratitude to his obedience and humble devotion in exercising God’s will.

Ashta:kshari Maha:mantra is therefore a clear gateway that eliminates ignorance and bestows knowledge about ultimate truths of life, and its goal.

16 th July 2020, First Ekadasi in Dakshinayanam
Chaturmasya Deeksha, Nadigaddepalem ashram
Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji Brundavan

Source:  https://chinnajeeyar.org/ashtakshari-mantra-and-its-role-in-life/

Ashtakshari Mantra

Role in your Life

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Ashtakshari Mantra
Role in your Life

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