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His Holiness


HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, India’s enlightened spiritual and humanitarian leader, has incessantly strived hard to promote world peace and harmony through propagation of vedic wisdom, spiritual practices, religious tolerance, non­violence, joy of sharing, and mutual respect for all living beings.

In 1982, Sri Chinna Jeeyar founded JET, Jeeyar Educational Trust, in India as a non profit organization to conduct all his services to humanity. In 1994, Sri Chinna Jeeyar founded JET USA Inc. a.k.a JET World, Jeeyar Educational Trust as a global non profit organization committed to improving human lives through education, service, and ancient wisdom.

Sri Chinna Jeeyar’s vision is to empower all children and adults of the impoverished communities across the world to have equal access and opportunities to quality education, healthcare, and self­ confidence to live a life filled with dignity and pride.

In India, where the notion of Human Organ donation is considered a social stigma, Sri Chinna Jeeyar actively promotes multi­Organ donation campaign and has enlisted more than 50,000 pledges. JET frequently conducts free medical camps, dental camps, animal welfare camps, blood donation camps all over the world.


Sri Chinna Jeeyar is also a pioneer in the animal welfare arena and frequently conducts free veterinary camps along with animal preservation camps.

In the current world, the geo political harmony is in a state of flux, where people live amidst multitude of challenges including fear of war, political strife, poverty, global warming, endangered environment, depleting natural resources, and religious fundamentalism.

Sri Chinna Jeeyar incessantly works to promote world peace and harmony through propagation of yoga, meditation, spiritual and ancient wisdom, all of which conditions human body, mind, and soul to develop tolerance, joy of sharing, non­violence, attitude of gratitude towards environment, and mutual respect for all living beings.

Sri Chinna Jeeyar during his 4 decades as Jeeyar, head of the organization, has inspired millions of youth all over the world to learn this wisdom and meaningfully use the knowledge to benefit communities and the environment.

His Holiness has ultimately emerged as an Universal Guru.


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HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami
HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami
HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami
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