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What is Kovil?


What is Koyil or Kovil?

A Koyil or Kovil is a residence of God. Where is His residence? His residence is in a different format depending on the timeframe that you are looking at. In one sense, the first timeframe is prior to the current srushti and the second time frame is now, i.e. after srushti.

The causal state (ka:rana dasa): Prior to srushti, He lives in the divine sound om (a, u, m). His place in om is represented by the sound a. We all also live in the same residence, the divine sound om. Our place in om is represented by the sound m. The syllable u represents the unbreakable and eternally existing bond between Him and us. We all exist within Him. During this state (prior to srushti) everything existed within Him. Therefore it was only Him along with all His divine qualities including all of us within Him that existed prior to srushti (like a seed that has the elements of the entire tree in a miniature form).

The effect state (ka:rya dasa): When He decides to create, He uses the raw material in Himself, His abilities, and His skill to make bodies for each soul (like a spider that makes a web from itself). He enters each one of them so they can function (like a battery in a clock). In this post srusti state, He exists within each of us in our hearts (like a tree that has the elements of the seed in a maximized form).

srushti ka:ryam yowgapadyam

(the entire existence is created instantly by His mere wish to do so).

In the current timeframe (post srushti), He resides as archa vigraha, deity in temples. He resides in full glory in the hearts of those who understand this wisdom in Vedas from a lineage (like our acharyas/gurus referred to as Nandagopa in Thiruppavai by Goda Devi).  He also lives in all glory through the devotees and gifted souls like the alwars (referred to as gopikas in Thiruppavai by Goda Devi). The ignorance and arrogance of the rest of the souls keep Him silent and waiting in them until they express a desire to know Him and seek Him (each soul is also knowledgeable, thus, a soul can think and respond according to the knowledge that it accumulates, so seek good knowledge!).

Vedam says, He is all-powerful and all-knowledgeable in both of these timeframes. He is the same one, prior to and post srusti.

sade:va sowmya: idamagrama:si:th e:kame:va advithi:yam

(Chandogya Upanishad)

God’s journey from pre-srusti to post-srusti is described beautifully by Goda Devi in the 23rd pasuram in Thiruppavai. She describes a lion resting in the winter season in a cave along with his lioness that decides to wake up, stretch, and move slowly while making a roaring sound ready for the play!

A lion’s roar scares all other animals, but not those in his own family. Similarly, if we seek the help of the Guru, realize the bond with Krishna in love for Him and His divine qualities, and believe that His sole purpose is to protect us, we need not be scared. Goda Devi and the gopikas did not get scared. In fact, they demanded Him. That is the power of pure devotion (the devotion that is graced by acharya). But those who challenge Him out of arrogance get scared of His roaring sound like Kamsa did and ultimately give in!  

January 7th 2021, Dhanurmasam at Vijaya Kiladri Hills

Source:  https://chinnajeeyar.org/what-is-a-koyil/ 


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